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Positive online communities

Ideas in Motion Media looks to form positive, online communities centered around the idea that, given the option, users prefer to read about the good things going on in their community instead of the often-negative slant given to traditional media.

Starting in Northwest Indiana, we’re looking to create these hyper-local, community-based websites to communities in every city, township, county, or region that wants to break the traditional cycle of media, bringing something new and refreshing to their area.

Utilizing web publishing, email marketing, and social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn, under full editorial control, we are able to direct the best articles, editorials, photos, videos, and stories going on into the community directly in front of thousands of active, positive-minded people in each community.

Good news is here to stay

Tired of depressing media striving for attention? Show off your community and shine light on all the good news around you! Like what we do? Follow our social media and share our stories or send us your own.

Start collaborating

Work with us to provide local news stories for you and your neighbors. Let’s make good news more accessible!

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